Coronavirus crisis drags down Flybe; HSBC evacuates staff – business live

IATA warns Covid-19 will cost airlines up to $113bn in revenue this year, as regional airline Flybe collapses, and experts fear others will follow

12.27pm GMT

UK health secretary Matt Hancock is speaking at the British Chambers of Commerce’s annual meeting in London now.

Hancock tells the assembled business people that the weeks ahead will be tough, as there is unlikely to be a vaccine available in the next few months.

No new information for #businesses from @MattHancock at #bccconf but a promise “I will do everything I reasonably can not just to protect business but to help business through” #coronavirus – he told the audience he recognised the coming weeks will be “tough”

“We do not think a vaccine will be available in the coming months” says health secretary Matt Hancock.

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12.25pm GMT

Across the country, readers are evaluating the impact Flybe’s collapse will have on regional travel, both for work or to visit family, my colleague Jessica Murray reports.

Mike Green, 29, was due to fly from Aberdeen with Flybe this morning and is now facing a six-and-a-half hour train journey back to Manchester.

“To be honest, I think the situation is going to be either that the travel doesn’t happen, so we work out some other way around it, or there’s going to be an expectation of traveling at the weekend because I know my employer is going to be fuming that six-and-a-half hours of my day today is going to be spent on a train,”.

“I was supposed to fly into Manchester and go to a set of meetings, but that’s not going to happen now.”

“There’s still a premium placed on face-to-face meetings as opposed to talking over the phone, so I spend a lot of time in airports and train stations.”

“Flybe has been a lifeline service for keeping the UK connected, they’ve been good to fly with, and I’m really going to miss them.”

“One of the things that made it attractive was that it was reasonably well-connected with the rest of the UK by Flybe.”

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