Lonely Planet launches carbon-neutral tours

In a bid to meet demand for sustainable travel, the guidebook publisher has teamed up with adventure operator Intrepid to offer responsible small-group tours

After almost 40 years of inspiring travellers to visit destinations all over the world, Lonely Planet has launched its own collection of carbon-neutral tours. In collaboration with adventure travel company Intrepid, the new small-group tours will be led by local leaders and support local businesses and communities. The intention of Lonely Planet Experiences is to have minimal impact on the environment, and include carbon-offsetting contributions in the price.

The move is a response to a shift towards travelling more responsibly. In a recent Lonely Planet survey of more than 7,500 members of its online community, 68% said they now care more about sustainable travel than they used to. More than 35% said they had actively factored in environmental sustainability when planning trips.

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