We’ve got your back: a yoga and pilates weekend in Sussex

Our ‘yoga-phobe’ was a nervous novice on a weekend retreat but leaves feeling more flexible, both physically and mentally

I approached the mindful pilates and yoga weekend in the West Sussex countryside with a fair degree of trepidation. I wasn’t even mindful of the difference between pilates and yoga, and then there was the dread of being locked into something I could not do and would have to endure rather than enjoy.

In preparation, my reading on the 90-minute train journey down from London to Arundel was Yoga for the Inflexible Male, by Roy Parvin (AKA Yoga Matt), with its call to “bring me your stiff, your deeply embarrassed, your previously yoga-phobic”. And its promise that if you work through the poses, “you’ll soon discover yoga isn’t so different from weight training, except your body’s the weight and you’re working more on balance, not bulking up”.

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