Little town of Bethlehem – a travel photo essay

Palestinians increasingly see tourism as a way to tell their story, and a trip to Bethlehem and East Jerusalem offers an evocative insight into the hopes and fears of the West Bank community

Smells of spices and coffee waft from shop doorways in Bethlehem’s market. Outside limestone buildings, sellers perch under parasols with stacks of sweet ma’moul biscuits and buckets of bright-pink pickled cauliflower, orange loquat fruits and green sour cherries.

I’m being shown around by Fadi Kattan, a French Palestinian chef and hotel owner, and Nadine Baboun, co-founder of Farayek, which runs food tours of Bethlehem and East Jerusalem. Kattan tells me that the market, inaugurated in 1929, is a showcase of the best Palestinian food produce.

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