Paris’s digital art museum launches ambitious interactive competition

Atelier des Lumières opens festival dedicated to graphic and immersive digital design, with surreal and exciting results

Out of the darkness of the large stone foundry in Paris, Alice in Wonderland emerges. Flitting between the dimly lit woodland which has popped up around us and in search of adventures, Alice is off to explore a succession of surreal worlds as pop music thuds around the venue and it feels like we – gallery visitors – are running through the trees with her. In the distance, the moonlight glistens on the water. The black and white animated short, an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is the creation of Cutback, a France-based studio best known for providing musicians such as Johnny Hallyday with graphic screens and backdrops for concerts.

But on Friday night, it’s one of 11 artistic collectives from France, Ireland and Turkey competing in Paris’s first Interactive art festival at the Atelier des Lumières in north-east Paris operated by Culturespace, a French museum foundation that specialise in immersive art displays. This year, for its inaugural immersive art festival, the focus is on digital design as a form of artistic expression in its own right.

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