A weekend break on an organic farm in Kent

Regular volunteering with Wwoof is like being in The Archers … you’re part of a farming community, make new friends – both human and animal – and learn to appreciate sustainability

As dusk fell, firelight spilled from the windows of the farmhouse and the hens trooped single file up a sloping branch to roost in the leafy canopy overhead.

They woke me at dawn the next day, landing like ripe pears on the roof of the rickety caravan where I slept under two duvets and in a sleeping bag, hat and gloves. As an unpaid volunteer agricultural worker escaping from my London bubble, it was time to pull on my wellies and yomp across a muddy paddock to feed pigs. That was 6am on a freezing morning 18 months ago, and right from the start I was hooked.

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