Food bloggers reveal their cuisine hot spots

Festivals and feasts, sandwiches and seafood … food writers and bloggers from across Europe pick their favourite gastronomic adventures

The arrival of autumn in Granada begins with the Virgen de las Angustias festivities. The last weekend in September sees the Fuente de las Batallas fountain in the city centre transformed. Stalls run by local farmers are piled high with seasonal fruit. Quinces emit a subtle fragrance across the square. Vendors sell local pomegranates, jujube berries and acerolas. Local chestnuts are roasted on street corners. Torta de la Virgen pastries are also a delicious tradition at this festival. Only available that week, they are baked by local nuns and filled with sweet pumpkin. In the festival’s religious activities, locals line up to place bunches of flowers on the facade of the church, covering it entirely. An incense-swathed procession through the city streets closes the celebrations.
Molly Sears-Piccavey,

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