Turning tables: Ibiza gives kids’ clubs a different spin

Hotels in the Balearics are looking to make holidays more fun for children with a new wave of entertainment, including DJ lessons and sushi workshops

Hotel kids’ clubs have traditionally been a site of crayons and anxiety, a place for parents to guiltily deposit their children in order to desperately try and pour an entire holiday into two short hours. No more. As the tourist industry begins to recognise the growing family travel market (with 44% of millennial travellers in the US now taking their children on holiday), hotels and resorts are rethinking the role of kids’ clubs.

A typical family hotel might have a brightly coloured basement, manned by a smiling woman armed with pens. For a fee, guests can leave their children here for an afternoon to watch a film or play board games. The new breed of kids’ clubs, however, offers not just respite for parents, but a jolly education for the children about their destination. About the culture beyond their hotel pool.

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