Scenic cycling routes in Europe: readers’ tips

Our tipsters weave their way through mountain ranges and alongside rivers and the sea, mixing family-friendly trails with thrilling climbs and downhill stretches

Cycling round all or part of Lake Constance delivers maximum scenic delights for minimum effort. September is an ideal month to experience the flat, car-free Bodensee-Radweg cycle path (total length 260km). You will see snow-capped Alps to the south, terraced vineyards, apple orchards and onion-domed churches. It takes in the fairytale medieval town of Meersburg, the Unesco-listed monastery of St Gallen, and the famous lion guarding Lindau’s harbour. Campsites abound, as do lakeside resorts such as Überlingen. Ferries crisscross the lake if time is short, and afterwards you can boast that you’ve cycled three countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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