Take the kids on … a Treasure Trails self-guided walk: review

Get quizzical and physical on a treasure hunt around a corner of Britain you didn’t know – there are more than 1,000 fun walks to choose from

Every parent who has tried to cajole children into going on a “nice walk” knows this is about the lamest thing you could ask them to do. Walking is booooooring, as are ancient buildings and beautiful scenery. But Treasure Trails – a series of more than 1,000 self-guided treasure hunt-style walks in cities, villages and countryside across the UK – can change a trudge into a fun activity as, depending on the theme, kids solve clues, hunt hidden treasure or complete secret agent missions. The trails come as an A5 booklet – by post, or downloadable – with route, facts, and spaces to fill in answers – which form a 10-digit number that can be sent in for the chance to win a £100 monthly prize. There are also some driving and cycling trails.

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