France by train: Paris-Bordeaux-Provence round trip

A memorable journey on some of France’s famous trains, through stunning countryside, cities, hilltop villages, gorges and along the Med

The high-speed train (TGV) from Paris-Montparnasse to Bordeaux is so fast that you could easily spend most of the two-hour trip queuing for a croque-monsieur in the buffet car. It also means that the Fontainebleau forest, the Loire’s chateaux, vineyards and medieval towns flash past in a very un-holiday-like blur. On a train tour of France, it’s best to take the more-relaxed TER trains and a few steam locomotives to enjoy the views.

This journey takes you through some of France’s most varied countryside, past hilltop villages, vineyards, pine and chestnut forests, into gorges and along the Mediterranean coastline, stopping at a few of the country’s less-touristy towns, each with their own particular regional dishes.

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