Top 10 craft beer pubs in Sheffield

One of Britain’s great beer cities is celebrating the fifth annual Sheffield Beer Week – but in these pubs there’s an exhaustive range of craft brews on tap year round

This studenty pub has the conflicting, mismatched interior decor of a venue that has seen many incarnations down the years. But packed these days, even in midweek, the Beer Engine has clearly found its groove, thanks to its emphasis on good beer and its surprisingly accomplished food. The 17 taps cover all beer bases from the house bitter, Coniston Brewing Company’s iconic Bluebird, to piña colada sours and Belgian farmhouse double IPAs. Candles and good-lighting make the Engine a cosy place to linger and, out back, like many Sheffield pubs (Fat Cat, Rutland, Kelham Tavern) it has a neat, half-covered outdoor drinking and smoking area.
Pint from £3. 17 Cemetery Road,

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