10 amazing ancient ruins in Britain with great views

Britain is dotted with wild and atmospheric prehistoric settlements. We pick 10 with beautiful views from a new guide, Wild Ruins BC

From the vantage point of this cliff fort, there are clear views over Cape Cornwall to where the Channel and the Atlantic meet. On a stormy day this is a truly wild place, as the coastal winds batter the shoreline. Kenidjack is a multivallate fort, which means it has more than one rampart. Most of the southern end of the fortifications has been lost to erosion but much of the triple northern rampart is still intact. There is evidence of neolithic stone quarrying and of tin mining throughout the bronze and iron ages: tin would have been a prized commodity in the bronze age, because it is essential to make bronze itself. This whole area must have been important to trade, and its inhabitants may have adopted snippets of language or culture from beyond these Cornish shores. Remains of a cairn circle can be found up near the ruins of the tin mine and Ballowall Barrow is a short walk south, past the remains of the early Christian St Helen’s Oratory and the 19th-century tin mine at Cape Cornwall. To reach Kenidjack, walk north on the coast path from the National Trust’s Cape Cornwall car park.

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