Random holiday generator: a new city break service to surprise destinations

With BRB, members pay a monthly fee to take a European city trip every four months, only finding out the location at the last minute – ours was Seville

I’m standing on a bridge, taking in the panorama of the Plaza de España in Seville. I’m in this spot because a month ago I received a cryptic postcard from a stranger instructing me to travel to the Spanish city. I’m not a kooky assassin who receives her assignments via postcard like Villanelle in Killing Eve, it’s just that I’ve signed up to new subscription travel service BRB, which every four months sends its customers on a city break to a surprise destination.

Hoping to appeal to a generation that listens to music via Spotify, watches films and TV on Netflix and probably has at least one gym membership they’ve forgotten about, subscribers to BRB pay a monthly fee (£49.99 for a solo traveller and £89 for two people) to unlock a three-day, two-night city break every four months.

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