Less is more: Gunnar Garfors on his favourite ‘least-visited’ countries

The Norwegian globetrotter has been around the world – twice – and here picks the less-travelled countries that have made an impact on him

World’s ninth least-visited country; 3,600 tourists a year
Few tourists reach Kiribati, not because the country lacks attractions – just ways to get there. Kiribati is the only country in the world situated in all four hemispheres. Its 33 atolls and islands in the central Pacific Ocean – about 4,000km south-west of Hawaii and 4,700km east of Australia – are spread across the equator and international date line over an area the size of India. Air routes to the capital, South Tarawa, are scarce, but that will change in late 2019 when national airline Air Kiribati expands its network to Fiji and Australia. The Tarawa atoll hosts the national government and Betio, the biggest town with decent restaurants, nightlife and hotels. Top attractions involve water: fishing, canoeing and swimming in the beautiful lagoon, surrounded by small palm tree-covered atolls.

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