Take the kids to … Gilbert White’s House and Gardens, Hampshire – review

The home of the nature-obsessed clergyman is a treasure trove of flora, fauna and kids’ games. And there’s even a gallery devoted to heroic explorers

The home of an 18th-century naturalist may not seem the obvious choice for a day out but a £2.5m revamp – aided by the Heritage Lottery Fund and finished this summer – really ups the ante for this house and beautiful garden in Selborne, Hampshire. The nature-mad clergyman poured his love of flora and fauna into what has become the fourth most-published book in the English language (and never out of print), the 1789 Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne. Budding Gerald Durrells will love the stuffed animals and delicate skeletons of bats and more, plus interactive wildlife-spotting games.

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