Hong Kong’s best views: from the Peak to the penthouse

In a city as vertiginous as Hong Kong, there are stunning views around every corner – both manmade and natural

More than anything, Hong Kong is a city of sights. Towers of metal and glass jut out of dense tropical wilderness, and the harbour on which the city was founded is an ever-present reminder of the city’s maritime roots. Here’s where to find the best views Hong Kong has to offer: just make sure to check the weather, as the occasional smog can obscure the sights.

The classic: Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak is the city’s prime vantage point, the perfect spot to survey the densely vertical concrete forest that is Hong Kong. The Peak is the one-time home to the city’s colonial overlords – these days, wealth is the only criterion for access. It’s here that the majesty of Hong Kong is on display, and you get a real sense of how the city has come to be: skyscrapers and apartment blocks bolted on to the side of the mountain, with Victoria harbour in the distance. It is ever-narrowing as land reclamation takes bites out of the sea, but the never-quiet harbour is testament to the shipping on which Hong Kong was built. The Peak Tram funicular (HK$37/£3.60) is the most storied way to get up, but there can be queues. If you’re pressed for time, just jump in a cab up and catch the tram down: the wait is always shorter on the way back. Or if you’re feeling particularly leisurely, it’s a gentle stroll back to sea level.

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