Highland way: a walk on Scotland’s Ardnish peninsula

This rugged, now uninhabited landscape of remote lochs and ancient woodland has an austere beauty and reminders of Bonnie Prince Charlie, crofters and Vikings

The peninsulas of the Rough Bounds of Lochaber in the north-west Highlands stretch out into the Atlantic like the fingers of an outstretched hand, pointing out towards the Small Isles of Rum and Eigg, and Skye’s Cuillin mountains. The lochs that separate them include the deepest freshwater and deepest seas loch in Scotland. Parts of the area are notoriously wild and inaccessible, sparsely populated and more forested than most of the Highlands, with northern birch woods, temperate rainforests of stunted sessile oak, and even some relic fragments of the great Caledonian pine forest.

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