Mountain biking and canoeing in Sweden

On the fourth leg of his Scandinavian summer tour, Kevin Rushby pedals and paddles round Jämtland’s lush forests, snowy peaks and famous blue lake
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There comes a point in life when your children start to find excuses not to travel with you any more. Maddy (15) was quite diplomatic about it. “Dad, I’m not keen on mountain biking. I don’t think I’ll come, thanks.” But I was determined to get her to join me in Sweden; I like her company. So I did what any responsible parent would do in a similar situation: I lied. “Did I say ‘mountain biking’? It’s much more about wild swimming.”
I did feel a twinge of guilt, but to be honest, when it comes to travel we all lie to our kids. It starts with, “Not far now,” develops into “There’s a chocolate fairy on top of that mountain,” and ends with fabulous wild swims (on bikes).

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