A local’s guide to Genoa: 10 top tips

Once the richest city in the world, famous for its seafaring prowess, La Superba’s glories can still be seen in its medieval gates, fine palazzi and renowned cuisine

Birthplace of blue jeans, Christopher Columbus and the cross of Saint George, Genoa was one of the world’s greatest trading powers in medieval times. The legacy of that wealth can still be seen in the city gates, fine palazzi and austere churches with lavish interiors. But it’s a city on a human scale – walkable for those with good legs to cope with districts that spread up not just steep hills but sheer cliffs. Over-tourism is not an issue here. For years most visitors would fly in to Genoa airport and head straight for the Cinque Terre, but in recent years the authorities have started using history, culture and, above all, food to tempt people to stop and appreciate the glories of the city called La Superba.

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