Picture resort: from sandy beaches to stunning art galleries in St Ives

The Tate St Ives extension gives art lovers a perfect excuse to revisit this beguiling town

St Ives is a British seaside resort like no other. It has sandy beaches, the paradisal kind Brits dream of all winter and habitually get on aeroplanes for. This old fishing town in western Cornwall has not one, but five of them, and on these pebble-free playgrounds you will find retro cafes and chi-chi, cocktail-shaking restaurants. It has utilitarian shops, too, selling buckets and spades and Tupperware, and fancy ones. You can buy jewellery and in one lifestyle boutique you can pick up anything from a nature book to a designer beanie.

There is something for everyone on the food front, too. There are more than 110 places to eat in this far-flung spot. You’ve got seaside staples, including fish and chips, ice-cream, burgers and pasty outlets, some with a modern twist. Take the pasty, the miners’ lunchbox staple. The Cornish Bakery does a cosmopolitan Travelling Empanada and even a sweet potato and feta version. But thin-crust traditionalists can default to a cheese and onion from SH Ferell & Son, the tiny family-run bakery on the corner of historic Fore Street.

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