The decline of Club 18-30 isn’t all about sex, sex, sex you know | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

It’s easy to see why Thomas Cook is considering the raunchy holiday club’s future – the golden age of the package holiday is over

Hang up your mankinis, turn off the foam machine, silence the DJ Ötzi, let the mourners come, for it looks as though Club 18-30 is approaching its demise and with it, the great British holiday as we know it. Thomas Cook, which owns the raunchy holiday club for young adults, is reportedly considering its future as the “Instagram generation” no longer sees the appeal in necking fluorescent blue fishbowl cocktails at a foam party while a tanked-up rep from Devon gropes their arse through chlamydia-tainted bubbles. According to reports, young people seem more concerned with taking impressive selfies than playing sex-position statues next to a semen-laced swimming pool.

This generation of travellers don’t need to be shepherded into a closed compound where everything is arranged for them

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