Cosy up in a tiny holiday home on the Isle of Wight

A glamping offshoot of the growing tiny house movement, this rural cabin has plenty of charm but there’s one mod con our writer can’t live without

Stepping inside Hygge, a “tiny home” on the Isle of Wight, I felt like Gandalf visiting the Shire. The world had shrunk to hobbit proportions and I was suddenly too big for my surroundings. It was a novel and rather nice feeling for someone of just 5ft 2in.

The black wooden cabin-style house is one of three tiny buildings in a meadow between Cowes and Newport. Hygge is the now-familiar Danish concept of cosy contentment, and the house is well-named – I was full of hygge within five minutes of arriving. There is something very appealing about a miniature house: it’s like playing at being a grown-up. The other homes are the slightly taller Eilidh (“light” in Gaelic) and the cute A-frame Silva (Latin for “forest”).

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