Just the ticket: Interrailing with the family

Wandering Europe on an Interrail pass is a rite of passage for many younger people. But does the idea have the same appeal with partner and child in tow?

When I told my friend I was going interrailing, she laughed. “Interrailing! So will you be listening to The Cure and trying to snog 18-year-old boys?”

Unlikely – although I knew what she meant. Back in my twenties I, like everyone I knew, went interrailing. But I’d never considered it for a family holiday until a 52-year-old friend returned raving about it and I woke up to the notion that I didn’t have to spend a fortune on peak-season airfares. I looked at the Interrail sites (interrail.eu and myinterrail.co.uk) and discovered that the prices remain fixed year-round, and that under-12s travel free. That did it. I planned our trip and my partner Richard, our seven-year-old daughter Hani and I took off for two-and-a-half weeks over the Easter holidays.

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