Palma de Mallorca to ban residents renting apartments to tourists

Concerns about high rental prices and over-tourism in the capital of Mallorca have led authorities to ban homeowners from renting out flats to visitors

It is the capital of one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations but Palma de Mallorca will be the first city in Spain to ban private homeowners from renting their apartments to visitors. There will be fines of up to €400,000 for those who violate the new restrictions, which come into force in July.

The measures mean tourists will no longer be able to rent apartments in multi-family residential housing. However, it will still be possible to rent detached homes and villas, provided they are not in a protected area. The decision comes amid a growing debate around over-tourism across Europe, with many destinations in Spain trialling new measures to curb the impact of visitors on local residents.

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