The day I tried to conquer my fear of flying

For too many years Suzanne Moore has not been able to board a flight without a stiff drink and, preferably, tranquillisers. Could a ‘Fearless Flyer’ course at Stansted help her overcome her terror?

‘What sort of person gets leathered in a Wetherspoons in Gatwick at 10am?” I saw someone tweet this recently and I’m afraid I took it personally. I mean, I obviously don’t quite do that. But when I turn up at an airport I do always have a sudden urge to go to one of those weird seafood bars and neck as much fizzy wine as possible. I have not got on a plane without booze and usually drugs inside me for a very long time.

The reason? I am frightened. I love travelling, I just fear flying. People don’t get this, although my old doctor understood: “Australia is only three Valium away,” she used to say. Nowadays doctors are much more stingy.

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