Bengaluru, India: a local’s top 10 tips

The hi-tech, high-altitude, high-energy city also known as Bangalore has smart bars, cool brunch joints, green spaces galore – and a pleasant climate

Think Bengaluru, and you think IT hub, call centres, silicon capital of India. It’s all of those things, but it’s also a very livable city. Over the past decade, it has attracted India’s sparkiest minds to code, brainstorm and play in its pulsing startup tech scene. This fast-growing and young population has added a big dose of fun: Bengaluru has become India’s most playful city, with an explosion of bars, restaurants, coffee joints and co-working spaces.

Bengaluru’s fun factor also owes something to its topography. At 900 metres above sea level on southern India’s Deccan plateau, it’s the highest of India’s megacities, which means a more moderate climate and a sky washed deep blue most days. Even during the monsoon (June-September), it’s usually sunny in the mornings and early afternoon, and there are plenty of green spaces in which to enjoy the weather – this is the “Garden City of India”.

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