Zurich, Switzerland’s chocolate capital

On a cacao-driven crawl of the city’s craft chocolate shops, our writer discovers they’ve got the sweet stuff down to a fine art

It takes more than a year to make Zurich’s finest truffle, yet less than a second to eat one. I’m thinking this as I eye another – one filled with a cognac-steeped grape and encased in a ruffled nest of dark chocolate in the wonderfully unmodernised Confiserie Honold in the city’s Old Town.

It’s a classic old-time atelier, the air a delicious mix of raisin, toffee and vanilla. The marble counter is topped with bell-shaped cloches under which sit all sorts of chocolates: truffles with tamarind and muscovado sugar, margarita and caipirinha-instilled candies, bite-size layers of tonka bean and gold leaf. I take my time. There is no rush, I think. The diet and exercise routine are on hold and deciding not to worry about my waistline while I’m here is the ultimate in foodie bliss.

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