20 great mini adventures in the UK

It’s time to come out of winter hibernation and get into the great outdoors. From souped-up bike rides to white water rafting for beginners, there’s an adventure here for everyone

Suits Water babies
Difficulty Moderate
Known – with a large pinch of salt and bundles of imagination – as the UK’s Galapagos, this small island off the coast of Devon has an abundance of wildlife to discover. The cliffs are home to scores of birds from puffins to kittiwake, razorbills and guillemots, the grassland harbours the Lundy pony and sika deer and the sea grey seals. It’s these aquatic mammals that offer the most memorable encounters. Renowned for getting up close and personal with snorkellers, they often nuzzle their human visitors (despite rules stating people should keep a distance!).
Swim with Seals £69.50pp including ferry from Ilfracombe, bristolchannelcharters.co.uk

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