Send a tip on an underrated US attractions for the chance to win a £200 hotel voucher

Forget the Grand Canyon, Disney World and the Statue of Liberty. Tell us about the little-known, off the beaten track places you’ve discovered on your travels in the US

The US is a vast country with tens of thousands of attractions, yet many of the most famous are so overcrowded they can leave visitors feeling distinctly underwhelmed. They certainly aren’t places that locals would recommend, as a survey of 2,500 Americans has found. Yellowstone national park is the most overrated attraction in Wyoming, and Devils Tower national monument the most underrated, according to the survey by apartment rental site Rent Cafe, while people living in Nevada would skip the Last Vegas Strip in favour of Red Rock Canyon conservation area. As for the world’s largest ball of twine in Kansas, well, you’d be better off heading to the Flint Hills.

What underrated, off-the-beaten track places have you come across in the US?Perhaps you’ve marvelled at a natural wonder without having to jostle through selfie sticks, visited a weird but brilliant local museum or theme park, or stumbled across a perfect example of Americana just off the highway. Whether you’re a local who wants to tell the world about a special place on your doorstep or a traveller who’s explored beyond the guide books, we’d love to hear your under-the-radar tips.

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