Send us a tip on sealife encounters for the chance to win a £200 hotel voucher

Great whale-watching trips, chance meetings with sea creatures off the beach, rare sightings while snorkelling – please send us your favourite wild sealife moments from around the world

Amazing sea birds diving for food, surfacing whales, colonies of penguins, vast shoals of fish, a bait ball feeding frenzy … Whether you have come face to face with a seal while enjoying a dip off Norfolk, had your fish and chips stolen by a diving herring gull or been surrounded by orcas on a ferry somewhere more exotic, please share details of your favourite encounters with wild marine life.

Last week, a kayaker came across a humpback whale off Penzance. Your tip doesn’t have to be quite so spectacular, as long as you can capture the moment and convey how memorable your experience was.

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